Friday, November 25, 2005

I Survived Thanksgiving

Well, I made it through the official pig-out day of the year, without pigging out.

Breakfast: The following is our traditional Thanksgiving breakfast. I updated it this year using low calorie choices.

2 eggs
3 pieces of turkey bacon
hashbrowns (no oil)
cinamon roll (icing used Splenda instead of sugar)

Thanksgiving dinner:
Turkey (white meat)
small helping of mashed potatoes
yellow squash
small amount of dressing
green beans
gravy (just a smidge)
thin slice of pumpkin pie and berry cobbler with whipped cream for dessert

That was the last meal of the day.

Late night snack: 6 triskits crackers, slice of swiss cheese.

Onward through the fog!


Latryce said...

See, now those onion rings meant absolutely NOTHING, did they? That's because you followed up with some low calorie choices!!!

ksavage said...

Those damned onion rings! I didnt know
BurgerKing had veggie burgers? Hunh!

Way to go on Thanksgiving day! That meal sounds delicious. Your doing excellent Randy.

The Master Cleanse a second time is done to help prepare for the winter bugs that go around and the upcoming eating festivities. I have socializing to do and of course I will be surrounded by food all this month. My plan: To tackle it ahead of time. I will still socialize and be around food this season, but will do it in moderation. I will also keep moving as much as possible. Whether volunteer work or hitting a gym on someone's buddy pass. Ha!