Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fortune Cookie Love

I found a Chinese restaurant here in Salem that will cook your food to order. Oh happy day! Now I an order a Chinese meal without breading, frying and all that other evil stuff that adds up to a weight problem. I wonder how many other Chinese restaurants would be willing to do cook our food that way, but we've never thought to ask?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Food, food and more food

Okay...it's Saturday evening and it's time to review the day in regards to eating. My wife and I got up and had breakfast out, lunch out and dinner out. We haven't been to the grocery store in eons and so we're forced into eating out.

Breakfast was at a place called Elmer's. Crummy name for a place but they serve a great breakfast. So we split the "ranch breakfast" which consists of 2 eggs [we ordered a side order of 2 more eggs] hash browns, 4 sausage links and a blueberry muffin. The hash browns took up half the plate themselves. I took a portion that was about a third of what they provided.
Calories for breakfast= 700 (yikes!)

Lunch was at Los Dos Amigos down the street from our house. We split the fajita lunch. I had two fajitas (meat, onions and bell peppers) skipped the rice and beans and had about 7 corn chips with salsa. Yum!
Calories for lunch=I don't want to know

Dinner was our first time to try out a Chinese restaurant down the street from where we live. Again we split dinner. Egg drop soup, pulled pork and cabbage, pork fried rice, General Tso's Chicken and a crab cake appetizer. Great food!
Calories for dinner=I really don't want to know

It's not that we ate large portions - we did split each meal - but the items themselves are high in calories. We also don't eat like this during the week, but the calories do add up.

Maybe that's why I'm not losing weight as fast as I want, huh? Time to tighten it up!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm losing steam...

Losing weight is a war and I'm getting tired of fighting. My weight hasn't budged in months. Sometime I wonder if I'll ever be able to lose the weight I want to lose so badly. Apparently I don't want to lose it bad enough. If I did, I would be working out more, being more careful with my food choices, etc.

I refuse to gain the weight back. I weigh every day because I want to be hyper-aware of where I'm at with my weight.

I don't really have any cravings for anything. I'm tempted to look into the stomach operation thingy. I have a friend that did it and lost 90 pounds in only a few months. It's taken me two years to lose 40 pounds.

Then I think, nah. I'll keep trying to lose weight the hard way. Exercise and right eating.

It's just that I'm not really excited about that right now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chondroitin and Glucosamine seems to help

I had an MRI done on my knee a week or so ago. Showed I had a torn meniscus, the start of arthritis and some fluid on my knee. In other words, messed up. I’ve been taking some chondroitin and glucosamine which seems to really be helping with the pain. I can continue to play drums, but no more elliptical machine at the gym. He said to try the stationary bike, which I did this afternoon. It wasn’t half bad. I was able to read a book while I was exercising which was a big plus.

I’m at 297 lbs. today. I have cut down some more of my calorie intake, so between that and the exercise, I hope I can start losing again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Too much to lose to start gaining

Weighed in at 299.4 this morning. Way too close to 300lbs! I'm sure some of it is water weight, but good grief, this is frustrating! I'm back to excercising on a daily basis. It should help. I think my body wants to stay fat for some reason.

Friday, September 08, 2006

You can't have your cake and lose weight too

I just got back from a week's vacation in Northern California with the missus. We stayed at a fantastic B&B. For the most part, I ate true to my new lifestyle. I did have dessert almost every night though...oh yeah, and some lovely bread rolls.

So, I'm back to reality and it looks like I gained about 3 pounds. Well let me tell you something...this fat boy has worked too hard to gain back weight, so I am turning up the heat. I have to get the eating under control and resume excercising daily.

I thought briefly about joining L.A. Weightloss (my bro-in-law lost a ton of weight on it) but I'm thinking...maybe not. I'm just going to cut back on the calories and turn up the excercise heat and hope for the best.