Tuesday, December 13, 2005

5 Measly Pounds

I’m still here.

I read yesterday in the paper that some journal reported that people who check their weight every day on the scale lose more weight than people who don’t. Good thing I am obsessive compulsive. I’m checking it daily and watching it go up and down like a rubber ball.

I’m pretty much hovering around 305 pounds. Last time this plateau kind of thing happened was during the summer when I stayed at 325 pounds for weeks.

Five measly little pounds. Five more pounds and I can kiss the 300’s goodbye.


Erin (Sunlit) said...

Good job, keep up the good work!

Baloobas xxx said...

just wanted to say your blog is such fun.. i love my food, and look forward to meals like nothing else! I don't have a scales.. so I don't ever quite know if I am up or down.. instead I have a pair of jeans.. that I know fit me when I am at my happiest weight.. and right now those jeans are hanging in the wardrobe.. no fair!!

Best of luck and I hope that Christmas proves a doddle for you

Latryce said...

You're not the only one, Randy. I feel the same way you do. Just remember, if you DON'T work out and eat right, how will you loose the weight?

As far as that journal is concerned...how in the world did they come to that conclusion? The extra steps & effort it takes to get on the scale daily makes you loose a few more ounces than normal????

I think you're doing a wonderful job...hey, even if you're plateauing a bit, you're still healthier than ever!

DCD said...

Hang in there, RanMan. The plateaux are tough but you'll push through.