Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I broke the 300 pound barrier

Lord have mercy! I broke the 300lb barrier. I weighed in yesterday at 297 lbs. I don't know what to do. I can't celebrate with food. I'm still too damned heavy to jump up and down. I guess I'll just give myself a high five and leave it at that.

I can't believe I am losing weight. It's slow, but I'm doing it. I'm not starving myself. I am eating smaller portions and I really think that splitting my food into six small meals is the trick. I went to dinner tonight with my wife and my friend " the Vonster" at the Olive Garden. I ordered pizza, ate half of it and boxed the rest. I also had a bowl of soup. I'll still lose weight, because I'm keeping my calories and portions under control.

Here was the menu for the day:

Breakfast: bowl of oatmeal with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter
Snack: 4 Triskets
Lunch: 2 lean lunch meat sandwiches on Orowheat "light" bread.
Snack: Yogurt, apple
Dinner: 3 pieces of pizza and soup.

I looked back through an old food diary. In July of 2003 I weighed 340 lbs. So really, I've lost over 40 pounds in 2 years and have kept it off. That's equal to the weight of a couple large turkeys and a pound of hamburger. That's a lot of fat!

This day has been a long time coming. Only 80 more pounds to lose by July 9, 2006!


Anonymous said...

congrats! i for one, am very proud of you.

Latryce said...


That is beyond fantastic, Randy! I wish I could high five you myself, so I'm just gonna high five the monitor instead.

Please don't give this up. I'm sure you are motivated now more than ever, and be sure to read up on fitness & weight loss if you ever "plateau" in your dieting.

I'm right there with ya!

ksavage said...

Good going Randy! Isnt great to break the 00's?

Keep up the great work!

Jeope said...

Righteous! Virtual hi-five cominatcha! Hey! Down low! Whoop! Too slow!

Seriously, that's some good work. Good vibes bein' sent your way as we head into that treacherous ThanksChristmas-time. Keep it up. I mean, keep it down.