Monday, November 21, 2005

Less and less of me

Thanks to all the folks who send in their encouragement to me on a daily basis. I appreciate it.

Things are looking up. I’m down to 303.8 pounds (the “old” scale would read 297.8) since the last post. Clothes I haven’t been able to get into in ages are starting to fit. It’s very encouraging and keeps me motivated.

The old face is starting to look a little thinner. I started wearing a belt again since some of my pants started falling down in public. I’m eating probably half of what I was eating before I changed my eating habits. I’m amazed when I think back to what I could put away at a meal.

Dawn and I have been sharing most meals out. We went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday after church and split the “Grande.” Grande is an understatement. That baby was huge. We split a couple of enchiladas and the beans and chips and stayed away from the rice for the most part. I’m not really that fond of Mexican rice to begin with. The worst (most calorific) part of the meal was the Chimichanga. A deep fried, bean, chicken and cheese delight with sour cream and guacamole. We just kind of nibbled at that one.

And so it goes. I’m eating sensibly. I’m not depriving myself and I’m no longer stuffing myself silly. I started working out on the cross trainer at the gym last week. Seems to be much easier on my knees. I think I can keep that one up.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided me with some much needed encouragement.


devon said...

here's some more encouragement!!!

you go RANDY HILL!!! keep it up, keep it up! lol.

craig and i went to our fav mex restauraunt on saturday. i find that if you fill up your stomach with a half pitcher of margarita, there isn't much room for food... ;)

Latryce said...

Good job, Randy!!!! I missed you on your blog, man. Glad to see you on point still.

The cross trainer will give you that extra boost for fitness & weight loss. I split my machine cardio time between that and the Stair Master. I have bad knees, too, and those machines are real easy on them.

One day, I'll join you in eating sensibly.