Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tighten Up (the old seatbelt, baby!)

Went down to Texas for the Christmas holidays to visit the kids. Oh boy. Airplane time. Seat belt extension time? Imagine my relief when I got the seat belt on without any problems. Even had a half inch or so to go!

Weight has been coming off unbelievably slow. I'm lifting weights 3 days a week, but no cardio for now. Wife wants to walk after work. It's kind of hard with all the danged old Oregon rain and cold, but I guess I'll give it a whirl.

Christmas goodies were kept at bay. For some reason I retained a lot of water while I was in the Lone Star State. I weighed when I got home and I was back up to 312. Gadzooks! Apparently it's water weight, as it has been dropping every day back to my pre-Christmas level. I did give in to some County Line ribs while I was there. These are the best ribs in the world and the BBQ sauce is out of this world!

I'm eating "Healthy Choice" meals for lunch now. Predictable calories and not bad taste and not bad on the wallet.

Onward through the fog.


Latryce said...

Don't feel bad, Randy.

I've gained 4 pounds, and really don't know how (other than the possibility of water weight).

Try some gradual cardio to burn'll be glad. Not only does it make you feel better, it, well, is important for weight loss. Try 10 minutes of cardio for three days-then increase it as you feel comfortable.

Brisk walking is good, too. Check out this link to the National Body Challenge sponsored by Discovery Channel. It's great:

RIRedinPA said...

Hey Randy

I wandered over here from the How Design forum. I'm kind of in your boat - I use to be a paratrooper, archaeologist and avid sea kayaker, hiker, etc. In 1999 I left my company and started a business, the wife got pregnant, she switched jobs and we bought a house. Stressorama! I topped out at 236, dropped to around 205 but more kids came along, including twins and one with a birth defect. I skidded back up to 218 but I have resolved to get back to fighting form for the summer.

As for the walking in the cold and the rain. I'm back to running again and I actually relish getting out there in the bad ass nature. I figure if I can do my run when it's apocolyptical out then there's nothing to impede me from doing it when the weather is wonderful. Good luck in attaining your goals.