Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cat boxes and high fives

I just got back from a men's retreat that I went to with my friend, Von. Nothing there really on the low fat or low calorie side of things, still I did well with my food choices and portions. Way to go Randy [cue slow motion camera as I high five myself]!

It's funny where inspiration can hit you. One of my least favorite jobs in the world has to be cleaning out cat's boxes. I cleaned the boxes (yes, boxes...we have 4 cats) the other day, and as I picked up a 20 pound jug of cat sand I thought to myself, "you know, over the last 3 years, I have lost the equivalent weight of two of these cat sand containers. And they were heavy! I can't imagine carrying around that kind of weight...but I did.

As of Friday, I was 1 and a half pounds away from being under 300 pounds (again). It will be good to get back to weight lifting and being able to have control over the food I eat again after this last retreat. I look at recent photos of myself, but I don't seem to have changed much at all, but I know I'm losing the pounds somewhere.


Latryce said...

Randy, I really love the way you look at things! Putting your weight loss into perspective like that is great, and I may have to do the same.

You're RIGHT on the cusp of 200's! Have you given anymore thought to trying some cardio? Discovery has an 8 free membership to Bally's (if you have one near you), and you can get on a treadmill and walk to your heart's content. Or... can go to, pull up a city near you, check out the "free" section and see if someone is giving away a stationary bike or treadmill for FREE!

Randy "RanMan" Hill said...

Thanks Latryce! Mrs. RanMan and I have agreed to go walking after work (even if it's raining! - We're in Oregon so we better get used to it).

Fortunately, the corp I work for has a gym in the building where I can work out for nada.