Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Magic pills and lube jobs

In the news today is the news of the approval of the new “fat” pill. The FDA's joint Nonprescription Drugs and Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 11 to 3 to recommend that the regulatory body OK Orlistat 60 mg capsules for over-the-counter use in the U.S. Too bad some of the side effects include oily stools (yuch!) and other unpleasantries. Apparently as soon as you stop taking the pill, the weight loss stops.

I remember taking Fen-fen for awhile back in the 90s until researchers found out it had some nasty side effects. I wonder what we’ll hear about this one down the road?

I think I’ll just stick to the old tried and true method of cutting calories, keeping a food diary and exercise. With that said, my weight loss is going just wack. I weigh every day, because it keeps me motivated, but man, it’s amazing how much it fluctuates. It is taking me forever to lose it seems, but I think that’s because I’m losing on average a pound of week. On Friday I was down to 301. Yesterday it was 307 and this morning it was 306.

So, here’s to sticking to my food plan and hoping that the plateaus will start fading a little faster. I think I’ll just pass on the lube job.

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Latryce said...

You know, Randy, it's amazing how you & I go through the same thing in regards to our weight.

My weight fluctuates as well, and it was really depressing me. One day I'm STILL at 178; the next week I'm at 186! There's not that much water weight gain in the world! (or is it?)

I'll see if I can do some research on it & let you know.