Thursday, August 11, 2005

Letter to me

A friend who is also in the fight with me to lose weight, sent me the following letter that she wrote to herself. It was really an encouragement to me ...hopefully you'll be encouraged too.

Dear Me,

You've been so stressed lately, and it is starting to
do serious damage. You've turned to your loved ones
for help, but despite all their love for you, they
can't give you the support you need. So, it's time to
face are alone in this. That is nothing to
feel bad about--it's true of everyone...ultimately,
the only one we've got standing 100% at the ready for
us, 100% of the time, is ourselves. So, it's time to
reintroduce yourself to your one true champion--me.

You are the only one who is going to make your
business work or not. You are the only one who is
going to create your weight loss. ...Don't look at it
as a fair/unfair issue--it is, simply, the way it is.
Again, you are in this alone. Get used to the company,
baby, 'cause it's just you. Me.

Okay, so as for that weight loss--you must be the one
creating change. It is you and you ALONE who is going
to alter the eating habits. Who's going to get your
body in motion. You can't rely on your loved ones.
They're wonderful people, but can be a lousy influence on your
weight loss attempts. So, leave them out of the
equation. Go it ALONE. And don't use their habits as
your excuses. You are on your own. ...

...Finally, for all the other stuff...yes, you're
going to do it, but remember your two top priorities:
your health and your business. Choose wisely on how
you spend your time, and don't guilt over having to
make that choice--after all, you are only one person,
ALONE. Here's to a happy life for you. For me.



(J. Southwick)


Mary said...

Good luck to you! You CAN do it. I've lost 56 pounds since February by not eating sugar and laying off of bread & pasta and stuff and working out really hard.
It has been hard, but it works! I prefer the slow process of doing it on my own rather than surgery like some folks do.

You can do it and I wish you much luck! :)

Vonster said...


I am with you man!

Let me know fi you ever want to got walking or work out etc and I am game I need someone to do it with. I've lost 20 lbs. but have been slacking the past month or so.

We can encourage and motivate each other.


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