Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Medifast - Day 2

Well, I'm not feeling quite as hungry today as I did yesterday. I weighed this morning and the scale read 307. I must be losing a lot of water weight. Had a cup of coffee

Had the scrambled eggs this morning. I must have put too much water into them because I ended up with a hot and clumpy egg shake. Mmmm. Actually I both ate and drank it and it wasn't bad.

Had the chocolate bar for mid morning break. Good tasting.

Tomato soup for lunch. Uh...needs salt and pepper and splenda to make it palatable. Not bad with the added ingredients. Had a cup of coffee with lunch.

Vanilla shake for mid afternoon snack. Not too bad.

As with all the Medifast foods, you really have to get inventive and fix up the taste. But guess what, if I lose as much weight as they claim I can, I'd eat dirt.


Mindi said...

You're damn right you can do it. It doesn't matter how long you've been trying or how much you've failed, Randy. The journey of a thousand miles... etc., etc.
I found your blog when I googled trying to find somebody who - like I - had gained 90 pounds in two years. Size 6 to 16. I'm miserable. So far, nothing in Google. But I found your blog, and the fact that you haven't given up after all this time is extraordinarily inspirational. I'm bookmarking your page and I'll be checking in. Keep trying and good luck.

Randy Hill said...

Thanks so much for your note Mindi...very encouraging! I'm always the skeptical one, especially for as long as I have been trying to lose weight, but this Medifast plan just might do it. Here's hoping! :)