Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can do it. Right?

Medifast "plan," day 3.

Weighed this morning and I was down to 305. Huh? Did I have that much water to lose?

Had the blueberry oatmeal this morning. Not horrible so that's a plus. That was 7:30. by 9:00 I had finished my chocolate mint bar because I was hungry.

I have cream of broccoli soup to look forward to for lunch. Woo-woo. I need to get some excitement going. No one said this plan was going to be easy.


ksavage said...

Nice to see you posting on the blog Randy! Im still hanging in there, but have been slowed done due to severe low iron anemia. YIKES! But I hope to get back on the fitness train again! Kudos to you!

Randy Hill said...

Thanks for posting Karma! I think I finally found something that works!