Monday, September 19, 2005

Would you like a table or booth?

My wife and I went out to eat tonight. I'm usually asked whether I'd like a booth or a table. I prefer a table since booths are typically so small (or is it I'm so large?) that by the time I've lodged myself between the table and seat all feeling in my body is cut off from the diaphragm down. Then there is the problem of actually getting the fork of food into my mouth from the plate without depositing half of it on my shirt. Normal weight people don't go through these gastric calisthenics.

I lifted weights after work today. I weighed and I was back up to 312 lbs. I knew I shouldn't have weighed so close to the last time I weighed. It's only a 3 pound difference - and probably water weight at that - but it is still such a downer. This whole weight loss thing is going way too slow. My knee is feeling a little better, so maybe I'll be able to add walking back into my health regime soon.

Last Saturday Dawn and I went to the Octoberfest celebration in Mt. Angel. I went with the primary goal of munching on something really unhealthy. I managed to eat a sausage on a bun with sour kraut, Marionberry pie with ice cream and fried mushrooms. Sounds awful doesn't it? It wasn't. It was fantastic. So I did it and then I was done. I didn't beat myself up, and I didn't fall any further off the diet straight and narrow.

So there you go. I've been doing pretty well with food intake (other than at the Octoberfest) despite the fact that our lives have been uprooted with the move into our new house. Time to step up the old fat burning machine. July 9, 2006 is just around the corner.

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Latryce said...

Ran? Where are you, bud?

Last entry was the 19th, and I'm wondering how things are going for you so far, especially since I can relate to loving to eat all the wrong stuff....White Chocolate Chip Macadamia cookies are my new best friend! : )