Monday, March 06, 2006

Hole number 4

My son gave me a belt last year that I couldn't even put on when I first tried to wear it. This morning I made it to hole number 4 without turning blue in the face. Yeah!

I'm still losing about a pound a week, but the inches are starting to disappear. My best guess is that it's due to the weight lifting I've been doing.


Anonymous said...

You are doing great! You are way less than you were in 3/05! Lose it slow and steady. You didn't gain all the weight in a year so it's going to take more than a year to lose it. You are an inspiration for all.

pasteljunkie said...

you rock ranman. keep up the good work!

Meatcircus said...

Hey, I stumbled across your blog and it was an encouragement. I'm (almost) 28 and have been overweight my entire life, with the exception of about 6 months or so before I got married when I couldn't afford food, and cable TV was in the apartments weight room. I've resolved to loose 100lbs in the next year by drinking more water, watching portions , and eating every two hours to increase metabolism. I've also started a log of what I eat every day which really gives me awareness of what I've been consuming.